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MegaMeeting brings people and business together.

Using state-of-the-art Internet marketing services, MegaMeeting.com is the Internet marketing solution your team has been looking for.
Powerful and affordable, using MegaMeeting.com as an effective Internet marketing tool brings online Internet marketing to your business, be it small, medium or large. Utilize proven Internet marketing services to educate your customers about your products. Create a streamlined Internet marketing strategy and meet with your prospects face-to-face using our web conferencing and video conferencing services as an Internet marketing tool.

"Great experience - haven't found a better product on the market!"
- Bonnie Seabrooke, Admin Assistant, Deloitte LLP

Deloitte is the brand under which 165,000 dedicated professionals in independent firms throughout the world collaborate to provide audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk management, and tax services to selected clients.

Deloitte utilizes MegaMeeting in our Leadership department to conduct meetings between leadership staff at different branches all over the world. The ability to have meetings online has increased productivity, decreased aggravation, and allowed our leadership team to stay connected visually. Our Operations department uses MegaMeeting to interview prospective candidates in a clean, easy to use environment that saves time and money for both our company and our prospective candidates.

Before MegaMeeting, Deloitte would conduct interviews in person and leadership meetings via audio conference. The addition of MegaMeeting to our business acumen has provided our staff and potential candidates with a more cost effective way to communicate.

“Very simple to use”
- Daniel Pothier, SVP Technology, Wealth Enhancement Group

Wealth Enhancement Group is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based financial planning and advisory services firm throughout the upper Midwest. They have helped thousands plan for financial freedom and a comfortable retirement. With a team of well-versed experts in Financial Planning, Investment Management, and Tax Strategies, the Wealth Enhancement Group helps thousands along the path toward the life they have always imagined.

The Wealth Enhancement Group uses the MegaMeeting video and screen sharing product for sales/demonstrations, company meetings, sales meetings, training of employees and working sessions in technology. It has allowed them to save time and money.

Prior to using MegaMeeting, the Wealth Enhancement Group would conduct phone interviews and travel to collaborate on recommendations for their clients, now by using MegaMeeting.com experts in many fields can review details and actively write plans for client’s, allowing several cases to be taken care of in a short time with input from many.

"Since we started using MegaMeeting to personalize our directors meetings, our company has taken off like a freshly tuned engine."
- Tony Cooke, Director of Systems Administration, Clinix, LLC

Clinix, LLC, (Clinix) is the industry leader in providing the most technologically advanced, true ASP-based software, business process and practice management solutions to physician practices across the country. From patient scheduling, registration and insurance verification to a comprehensive reporting tool, we deliver only the most vital information you need to manage your practice effectively.

Clinix uses MegaMeeting video conferencing services in our sales, marketing, training and customer service departments. We have enjoyed the benefits of increased productivity and decreased aggravation since switching to MegaMeeting for our web conferencing needs. Clinix uses MegaMeeting for product sales / demonstrations, company meetings, client and employee training and quality assurance / product diagnostics.

Before MegaMeeting, Clinix dealt with these and similar issues solely by phone and email. The ability to communicate in real time and via video has helped us improve communication between different departments and saved our company countless man hours.

"Megameeting is a cost effective way to connect to people world wide."
- Sobano Tiem, Head Trader, Assent, LLC

Assent LLC is an industry leader and one of the largest, most experienced firms within the direct access marketplace. Assent is committed to provide customized solutions by focusing on customer relationships. They provide incredibly powerful, state of the art customized trading systems, as well as premier world - class support services.

Assent utilizes MegaMeeting video conferencing services in their training department as a way to increase productivity. Their training department maximizes MegaMeeting's Built-in audio (VoIP), Audio via integrated teleconferencing and ability to show PowerPoint presentations when training new clients. These group trainings include remote customers, which has allowed Assent to expand and service customers outside their local region. Before MegaMeeting, Assent was unable to service remote locations.

Assent chose MegaMeeting over the competition because it is a cost effective way to conduct business with remote customers. They are currently reviewing the possibility of using MegaMeeting in more areas of their business, to take advantage of the powerful video conferencing tools at their disposal.

FMG provides comprehensive financial services to assist individuals, professionals, and business owners in achieving their financial objectives. From comprehensive financial services to asset accumulation, protection, estate planning and business services, FMG provides complete planning experiences.

Financial Management Group, Inc. (FMG) currently uses MegaMeeting in its Sales and Training departments and for its Executives and Administration. FMG is utilizing MegaMeeting's browser based web and video conferencing services to conduct company meetings, sales meetings and to train their employees. The company is also utilizing MegaMeeting's Internet web conferencing software for monthly sales meetings, classroom instruction, and one-on-one meetings with reps. In addition, wholesaler visits to the main office can now be shared with satellite offices.

Prior to implementing the MegaMeeting software, FMG had to pay for staff to visit satellite offices as well as periodic firm meetings which required everyone to travel to a central location. They also conducted costly teleconferences for meetings. Now, they simply have their staff log into a MegaMeeting via the Internet and meet without the travel and out of office costs associated with physical meetings.