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Internet Video Conferencing Services

Connect your world with Internet Video Conferencing It is not Complicated and not expensive

If you think that Internet Video conferencing is beyond your technical reach or financial capacity, then it is time to think again. Online video conferencing technology has advanced to the point where it is about to become commonplace and standard equipment wherever people need to connect with clients, staff and customers in distant locations.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then think how live video transmissions could enhance your communications with your branch offices. If you have already been using phone conferences or online web chatting you can move this communication up several notches with the addition of video.

Online video conferencing from MegaMeeting

We offer online video conferencing solutions in three versions: Personal, Enterprise and Enterprise Private label, making web conferencing possible for personal use as well as for business and organizational applications.

No special software is needed and video transmission can be done with simple web cameras. In addition, all of the MegaMeeting products share some common features

  • It is a video centric system combining video with VoIP audio as well as chat
  • Power point presentations can be shown to all participants
  • Application sharing, allowing documents to be opened and viewed by all participants is available in all versions

These MegaMeeting video solutions allow you to combine the best of web conferencing with the special magic of video. With this kind of capacity, you will then have the option of holding more meetings without worrying about mounting travel costs. Online video conferencing offers you the capacity to improve efficiency and reduce costs; a sure formula for success in our globalized society. Contact us right now for more information on how to get started.

  • Unlimited Audio and Video
  • Video, VoIP & Online Tools: -Screen/Application Sharing -Powerpoint Presentations -Remote Desktop Control
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  • Unlimited Audio and Video
  • Hosted on Your Server
  • One Fee/No Monthly Pmts
  • For Businesses of All Sizes
  • Private Branding Available
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  • Unlimited Audio and Video
  • Hosted on Your Server
  • Customized For Your Needs
  • No Mention Of MegaMeeting
  • Seats Can Be Resold
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  • Unlimited Audio and Video
  • VoIP Included
  • Plans Start at $49 Per Mo.
  • Runs on PCs/MACs/Linux
  • See Friends/Contacts
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