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Internet Web Conferencing: Hold Your Meetings Online and Boost Your Bottom Line!

If you are looking for a way to bring your organization together and boost efficiency without racking up huge transportation bills, then Internet Web Conferencing is the solution for you.

The rapid spread of broadband coupled with rising gasoline prices makes this a good time to introduce Internet web conferences to your organization. In case you are new to the world of online web conferencing, take a look at what you can do when you link your offices together and hold meetings on the Internet.

Would you like to make geography inconsequential when you organize your next:

Video-Centric Web & Video Conferencing Services

  • Video and VoIP: See and hear whoever is participating in the meetings. MegaMeeting’s conferencing system allows up to 11 simultaneous video windows. Participants and can talk and listen with standard headsets.
  • Present Power Point presentations: The host of the conference can easily display information using PowerPoint presentations that will be visible to all "attendees".
  • Participants can open a document on their computers and show it to all the other online members. In some versions of the service a technician in one office can "take over" the computer in another office and explain how to use software and other applications. This feature is perfect for providing after-sales product support Businesses are using online conferencing to connect their branch offices and to give technical support to clients. Educational institutions are using this technology to hold classes online. The applications of Internet conferencing are vast, and are sure to grow as it becomes "standard equipment" everywhere.

Online Web Conferencing Solutions

Online conferencing is no longer difficult to manage or expensive to launch. MegaMeeting offers browser-based video conferencing that does not require any additional software or expensive equipment. Participants can talk to each other using standard headsets, and can be seen with inexpensive web cameras.

MegaMeeting works on any operating system and can be accessed from any computer anywhere in the world. There are also no firewall restrictions—MegaMeeting works even when a computer is behind a firewall.

Just as online web conferencing has become simpler to introduce and to operate; it has also become more affordable. MegaMeeting offers Internet conferencing solutions for individuals, small organizations and large organizations. Contact us today and we will be happy to help you to set up web conferencing to improve the connectivity and efficiency of your organization.

  • Unlimited Audio and Video
  • Video, VoIP & Online Tools: -Screen/Application Sharing -Powerpoint Presentations -Remote Desktop Control
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  • Unlimited Audio and Video
  • Hosted on Your Server
  • One Fee/No Monthly Pmts
  • For Businesses of All Sizes
  • Private Branding Available
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  • Unlimited Audio and Video
  • Hosted on Your Server
  • Customized For Your Needs
  • No Mention Of MegaMeeting
  • Seats Can Be Resold
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  • Unlimited Audio and Video
  • VoIP Included
  • Plans Start at $49 Per Mo
  • Runs on PCs/MACs/Linux
  • See Friends/Contacts
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