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MegaMeeting brings people and business together.

Using state-of-the-art Internet marketing services, MegaMeeting.com is the Internet marketing solution your team has been looking for.
Powerful and affordable, using MegaMeeting.com as an effective Internet marketing tool brings online Internet marketing to your business, be it small, medium or large. Utilize proven Internet marketing services to educate your customers about your products. Create a streamlined Internet marketing strategy and meet with your prospects face-to-face using our web conferencing and video conferencing services as an Internet marketing tool.

"[MegaMeeting is] well worth the small investment."
- Michael West, VP of Operations, Mr. Rooter

Mr. Rooter Plumbing is one of the largest and fastest growing full service plumbing and drain cleaning companies in the world and our plumbers are some of the best in the plumbing industry. With more than 300 global locations, Mr. Rooter Plumbing services the plumbing and drain cleaning needs of thousands of customers each day.

Mr. Rooter uses the MegaMeeting video and screen sharing in our sales, training and administration departments. The ability to easily conduct video-based conferences online has saved our company countless dollars in travel, hotel and other expenses. We have monthly all-company meetings with four seperate locations and bi-weekly meetings with our sales staff.

Prior to using MegaMeeting, our company was unable to hold our meetings with everyone in attendence. Allowing everyone to attend a single meeting has greatly improved our productivity and allowed us to get to know eachother better.

”Good service, nice product, low cost."
- Eric Kennedy, IT Operations Manager, Ryzex

Ryzex is one of the world’s largest data collection resellers and integrators, with more than 6,000 customers and 350 team members located in North America, the United Kingdom and France.

Ryzex uses the MegaMeeting video and screen sharing in marketing, sales, executive, IT, and operations departments. The ability to easily conduct product sales/demonstrations, seminars and to keep geographically separated departments connected has saved Ryzex money and time as well ad building connections with remote staff.

Prior to using MegaMeeting, Ryzex used a live-meeting based conference service and a much more expensive teleconference line.

“MegaMeeting completely changed the way we conduct business. We are more accessible than ever to our clients and partners, and that at a fraction of the cost of the traditional way of doing business.“
- Tyson Aschliman, Sales Manager, Archbold Container Corp

As the preferred single source supplier of packaging and POP displays for hundreds of clients, Archbold Container Corp has proven to be a highly valued and trusted organization.

Using MegaMeeting.com in their Marketing, Sales, Training and Executive Departments; Archbold is able to save money by reducing travel expenses, save time by eliminating travel times, and increase productivity. In addition to using MegaMeeting.com in their company meetings and sales meetings, they find the Audio & Video capabilities/Screen sharing capabilities most beneficial in customer presentations. MegaMeeting.com allows them to bring the expertise of their support staff (designers, engineers, artists, project managers, etc... all stationed in Ohio) virtually "on site" to customers (spread across a dozen or more states) for presentations and consultation, real-time, with no travel time or expense.

Prior to using MegaMeeting, employees of Archbold Container Corp would have to travel or conduct teleconferences for all product sales/demonstrations and meetings.

"MegaMeeting has given us an easy way to hold long-distance meetings.”
- Andrea Helmus, Administrative Assistant, Sonoran Institute

The nonprofit Sonoran Institute, founded in 1990, works across the rapidly changing West to conserve and restore natural and cultural assets and to promote better management of growth and change. The Institute’s community-based approach emphasizes collaboration, civil dialogue, sound information, local knowledge, practical solutions and big-picture thinking.

The Sonoran Institute uses the MegaMeeting video & web conferencing software for staff meetings. They have different offices all over the Western U.S. and MegaMeeting allows them to see the other employees, rather than just have a conference call. Also used as an interviewing tool, MegaMeeting's video conferencing feature helps the Sonoran Institute conduct job interviews since it allows them to see candidates and interact with them in a different way than just on the phone.

Prior to using MegaMeeting, the Sonoran Institute travelled a lot more to hold meetings, retreats, and seminars in person. MegaMeeting was a way that they could reduce our travel costs, but not sacrifice on the quality of the meeting.

“Awesome tool - has enabled us to offer our services across a much wider spectrum of our client base. We love it - as close to foolproof as it can get!"
- Kevin Hallinan, Principal, WINNING, Incorporated

WINNING, Incorporated an authorized licensee of the Sandler Sales Institute ®, provides world-class services in Sales Force Development, Leadership Development, and Customized Assessments of sales and management personnel. We help individuals and corporations achieve all new levels of personal and professional success.

WINNING, Incorporated uses the MegaMeeting live video feature as well as integrated teleconferencing, screen sharing and the whiteboard/noteboard collaboration tools in the training of clients. By offering sales and management development training to their clients, especially one particular client (a franchise) who has multiple US locations, WINNING, Incorporated is able to save time, money and get in touch with many more people via the web.

Prior to using MegaMeeting, WINNING, Incorporated would hand off all client training to business partners instead of conducting it themselves. In the future WINNING, Incorporated plans on using MegaMeeting to meet with even more clients and hold internal meetings.

“A low cost, easy to use solution that brings employees globally, effectively in one room.”
- Valencia Dawson, IT Manager, Gardner Denver Nash

Gardner Denver Nash provides improved global service and technical support for liquid ring vacuum pumps, compressors and engineered systems through their technical centers, manufacturing plants and service centers strategically located around the world.

Used mainly for global meetings between managers and executives MegaMeeting has helped Gardner Denver Nash save money and reduce travel costs. MegaMeeting has also helped Gardner Denver Nash overcome language barriers due to the fact that they can now interpret body language through the use of online video.

The ease of use, competitive pricing, low bandwidth requirements and ability to view real-time video helped Gardner Denver Nash choose MegaMeeting over their old web conferencing solution.

Davis Levin Livingston, located in downtown Honolulu, is a firm of trial lawyers handling litigation matters on all of the Hawaiian Islands and on the mainland United States.

Specializing in cases involving Civil Rights, Class Actions, Consumer Rights, Construction, Disability Rights, Employment, False Claim Act (Qui Tam), Health Care, Insurance Bad Faith, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Special Education, and Whistleblower Protection, Davis Levin Livingston uses MegaMeeting to conduct educational seminars and hold meetings with executives for administration.

“Megameeting humanizes our teleconferences. It's helped us create a stronger bond between our multiple offices.”
- Dave Will, CEO, Peach New Media

Peach New Media believes that relationships sell better than traditional sales methods. They help their clients build brand and product awareness by transforming their professional development program into what they call a "Knowledge Community"; an engaged community based around their clients content will driving them closer to their goals.

Used as an internal resource, MegaMeeting humanizes companywide telephone connections by allowing employees to see coworkers located through out the many small offices that make up Peach New Media.

“We've been very pleased with the support, follow-up, and ease of MegaMeeting.”
- Ken Ohlemeyer, Director of Client Services, Ipsos Forward Research

Serving health care, pharmaceutical, companion animal, agricultural, life sciences, construction and remodeling industries, Ipsos Forward Research offers custom marketing research services to businesses by designing strategic research programs.

Ipsos Forward Research uses MegaMeeting.com to conduct hundreds of focus groups and in-depth interviews for their clients. Many times these are held in rural areas and travel is difficult. With MegaMeeting they are able to provide a unique service to their clients.

By utilizing MegaMeeting the clients of Ipsos Forward Research no longer have to travel participate in the research and focus groups, they can watch the focus groups from the comfort of their office and interact with others around the country.

"Great product for multi-office businesses that operate as one unit and must have constant communication."
- Randy Wolfe, Director of Engineering, W.R. Ramsey & Associates Inc.

W.R. Ramsey & Assoc., Inc. provides structural engineering services, structural / mechanical design services and structural / plate-work shop detailing services. Our staff has extensive experience in material handling projects, coal preparation design, coke processing facilities, industrial plant design, and all aspects of structural and mechanical design and structural detailing.

W.R. Ramsey & Assoc., Inc. uses MegaMeeting on a daily basis to communicate between three offices that are up to 2.5 hours from one another. We share technical drawings using the ShowMyDesktop feature so all three offices can review drawings without traveling. Vendors would have to make three trips to meet all offices, which also caused problems for them. MegaMeeting allows everyone the opportunity to see the latest technical data and available equipment.

Before using MegaMeeting in our offices, employees traveled regularly between our offices. This took days out of peoples schedules, and was a large problem with production. When construction issues come up in the field, errors and ommissions, we can video conference to solve the problem quickly. This saves us time and money, as well as frustration.

"I have found MegaMeeting videoconferencing to be the most convenient, efficient and cost saving program out in the market! The program is easy to use and the MegaMeeting Team is helpful and always available to meet your needs in a timely fashion. I highly recommend MegaMeeting!"
- Wanda Torres, President, HRproOnline Inc.

HRproOnline Inc. provides services in professional staffing, HR/career consulting, management training and payroll, benefits, insurance administration. HRproOnline Inc. tailors its services to meet our clients' needs and budget.

HRproOnline is currently using and introducing MegaMeeting video and web conferencing to our team and business partners. It is an effective program that allows for quick setup of meetings and saves us the cost of travel. We utilize this program for weekly video conference meetings with our team because we are spread around the country and are only able to see each other physically once a year. This program has enabled our team to come together and see each other and collaborate more often without multitasking as one would often do if just on a conference call.

We chose MegaMeeting for its convenient and easy to use system. It is not very complicated and the setup was fast. We are able to quickly train others in setting up meetings via MegaMeeting - which reduces the administration aspect of the system for us. As time goes by, we feel that the potential for MegaMeeting beyond our current use will be realized.

"Quick and simple. As my daughter says, 'It's just right!'"
- Carter Manucy, Manager of IS, Florida Municipal Power Agency

The mission of FMPA is to develop economical and competitive power supply projects, to be proactive in providing member services, and to promote the image of public power, enabling its member utilities to succeed in a rapidly changing environment.

MegaMeeting has saved our company money on travel and countless hours on the road. Our staff is now able to spend more time with family and friends instead of traveling the state to attend meetings or train our employees. The ability to share powerpoint presentations, video and computers has allowed our meetings to be much more productive than they have been in the past.

The majority of the time it's for Board Meetings. We have cameras in the room, and we share those cameras as well as the contents we display on the projector. We've got a rather complicated AMX system we're routing everything through. We use our own teleconference system for audio (most of our members don't have the capacity to interact with their comptuers).

We chose MegaMeeting over other video/web conferencing services because at the time, it was the only one that could do what we needed to do. Now there is a lot more competition in that arena...but one of the biggest draws for us is the ability to go month-to-month and not sign a one-year contract.

"We have used or tried ALL of the similar services out there and MegaMeeting has consistantly out preformed the competition - we did a trial with "W---X" and the seminar was a disaster!"
- Chris Kazor, President, NuSurance

NuSurance is a full service insurance agency on the Internet. There are several places you can go to get a quote on your auto, home or other insurance products. But you are going to be locked in to just that one company. NuSurance will shop for you.

NuSurance uses MegaMeeting in our Marketing, Sales and Training departments to hold product/sales demonstrations, seminars in addition to training our clients and employees. The MegaMeeting service has saved us time and money by allowing us to meet with our clients online and not have to travel to meet face to face.

Before settling with MegaMeeting, we tried all the other options and found that MegaMeeting offered a substantially higher level of customer support an easy to use product.

"MegaMeeting provides a great value to small and medium sized organizations. The Flash-based app allows anyone to join a meeting and even add their video stream to the conference easily."
- Michael Young, Chief Technology Officer, Redfin

Redfin is the industry's first online brokerage for residential real estate. We believe that technology and a consumer-centered business model mean that we can get better results for our customers, at a better price.

Redfin has enjoyed a substantial savings since incorporating MegaMeeting in our Sales and Marketing departments, as well as our Board of Directors. Part of the Redfin experience is using online video conferencing to communicate with our customers and employees across the country. We conduct online meetings bi-weekly for company staff in addition to our regular board meetings, team meetings, Marketing seminars and meetings between our real estate agents and clients.

Before MegaMeeting, Redfin used Adobe Connect for our video conferencing needs. Since switching, we have saved a substantial amount of money in addition to enjoyed the benefits of flash-based conferencing and robust video support.

"MegaMeeting is great! They provide a very cost efficient solution compared to actually purchasing an entire videoconferencing system."
- Ai-Chuan Yu, Director of Operations, McDermott & Bull

McDermott & Bull Executive Search is a retained search firm that works with emerging growth to Fortune 500 companies assisting them in recruiting difficult-to-find and critical senior level talent in a variety of industries and functions.

McDermott & Bull utilizes MegaMeeting in our sales and training departments and with our executives. We use MegaMeeting to hold our company meetings and to assist with facilitating our employee training. MegaMeeting has saved us money by allowing everyone to connect visually as well as audibly, eliminating the need to travel to meet in person. This has helped to increase productivity and decrease aggrivation between our trainers and our clients.

Prior to using MegaMeeting video conferencing service, our remote employees were only able to participate in company meetings over the phone. The ease of use, unlimited usage and the lack of downloading software has allowed our company to conduct interviews with out of town candidates from our office. This has saved countless man hours and confusion from trying to find an alternative location.

"MegaMeeting allows more integration of our remote employees. Most of our remote employees work individually in an executive suite, so videoconferencing them into company wide meetings gives them that "face to face" with other members of the firm. We also use MegaMeeting for candidate interviews on behalf of our clients. We are able to save our client money because MegaMeeting is a very cost effective solution." - Ai-Chuan Yu, Director of Operations, McDermott & Bull

"Excellent experience and service."
- Forrest Snell, System Administrator, Flower Transfer Inc.

Flower Transfer Inc. is prepared to facilitate your transportation and handling needs in the best and most economical method available today. Their services go well beyond simply handling client boxes. They have leveraged the total import volumes of all clients to negotiate the lowest rates available with financially strong and serious Airlines. These savings are passed on to the clients.

Flower Transfer Inc. uses MegaMeeting video conferencing services in their sales department. They utilize the video feed to display product to potential customers, hold sales meetings between different remote locations via MegaMeeting's built-in audio and screen sharing utlities. Before they began using the MegaMeeting service, their weekly sales meetings were held via telephone with no video display.

American Lighting places high emphasis on developing new products, using trend-setting technology and a new blend of finish and glassware. They provide coast-to-coast warehousing in North America, manufacturing facilities in China and Taiwan , and overseas offices in Hong Kong, ShenZhen, Mexico, and coming soon, Canada.

American Lighting currently uses MegaMeeting.com's browser based video and web conferencing services in its Training, Marketing, Sales, Accounting and Purchasing departments, as well as for its Administration, Executives and Board of Directors. Johnathan Tom, who works in the E-Commerce, Sales and IT departments, stated, "MegaMeeting helps us by allowing our company to hold meetings with our various offices located in different parts of the world. It saves us travel time and long distance bills to overseas offices." He went on to say, "This service provides an efficient means for companies to effectively communicate with each other, especially ones who have offices in different countries. Another plus is that the price is per month and we have unlimited minute usage."

By implementing MegaMeeting.com's browser based video and web conferencing services, American Lighting has realized a substantial savings in conducting overseas sales and company meetings, as well as greatly reduced expenses related to quality assurance and diagnosing issues.