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Video Conferencing

What is Video Conferencing?

Video Conferencing is when two or more people can see each other over a medium, even though they are in two completely different locations.

What Makes MegaMeeting.com Video Conferencing Services Unique?

Our Internet Video Conferencing software is 100-percent browser based, using open architecture and nonproprietary methods to let people conduct Video Conference. This means that there is no software to download, install or configure. In addition, there is no bulky, expensive or proprietary equipment required to conduct a Video Conference. With MegaMeeting.com, in order for an individual to be seen in a Video Conference, all they need is an Internet browser, a broadband Internet connection and a device in which they can be seen either a Web camera or a digital video camera.

  • MegaMeeting.com is operating system agnostic, which means that anyone using a Windows, Mac or Linux-based machine may participate in virtual meetings and be seen
  • Multipoint Internet Web Conferencing software allows more than two people to simultaneously see other from any and all locations throughout the world. With MegaMeeting.com, up to 16 separate individuals can be seen at the same time, and in the same Online Conferencing room. With our Professional software, these same 16 individuals can be seen by a multiple number of additional Video Conference attendees
  • MegaMeeting.com provides true Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), letting participants in a Video Conference talk and hear one another by using standard microphones and headsets