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Does Your Current Video Conferencing or Web Conferencing Solution Lack the Tools You Need for Success?

Implementing a reliable means of communication is a vital factor in the overall success of your business.

Nowadays with the growing price of travel and the necessity for businesses to stay competitive, it really is something every organization should think about. Video and web conferencing has become an ordinary component of day-to-day business. Choosing the right video conferencing solution or web conferencing solution for your business will not only give you a competitive advantage but it will also provide you with a simple, flexible, cost-effective way to meet across the globe.

Video and web conferencing solutions all differ in their own unique way. Understanding the requirements of your company will help make the vendor selection less frustrating, as well as guarantee that your business gets all the functions necessary to conduct headache free online meetings.

MegaMeeting.com Has a Variety of Web Conferencing Solutions That Are Right for You

MegaMeeting.com has taken the difficulty and expense out of holding successful online web conferences. Our web video conferencing solutions are 100% browser-based and do not require the installation of any proprietary software. In addition, MegaMeeting.com works even if participating members are behind firewalls.

Here are some of the common features of MegaMeeting.com Web Conferencing solutions:

  • Video Centric - participants can see and hear each other through video and VoIP, using standard headsets and inexpensive web cameras
  • Application Sharing participants can open and work on the same documents as other attendees, and hosts can share PowerPoint presentations with meeting participants
  • Ease of Access participants can work on any kind of computer or operating system and can enter the conferences from any point in the world

Whether you are a large Fortune 500 Company or a small privately owned start-up, MegaMeeting.com has the right web and video conferencing solutions for your business. Take a look around our website, try a live demo or just call 1-877-634-6342 we will be happy to help you choose the web-based video conferencing solution that is right for you.

All of this is done with the equipment that is normally found in any office. Perhaps you may want to go out and get a web camera, but beyond that you will not have to get other special web conferencing tools.

Take a look around our website, try a live demo or just call 1-877-634-6342. Or email us and we will be happy to help you choose the web conferencing solution that is right for you.